Augmented Reality Math Space Adventure

It’s The Most Fun Kids Can Have Learning!

Learning Elements

Processes for Different Learning Styles


Students gain additional exposure working with curriculum taught in the school.


Our PokemonGo style game motivates players into a lifelong passion for learning.


Several learning methods are employed so that children with different learning styles all benefit.


Brain Voyagers can adaptively identify problem areas and focus on problematic content.


Comprehensive Learning Platform


The students accomplish learning and math practice while having fun playing a space adventure game.


AR game experiences provide physical activity to promote a healthy body.



Players are challenged towards increased attention spans with fun nanobot flights.


Unique geographic locations on school grounds make the game a treasure hunt to find the nanobots and save the world.


Players train spatial intelligence by navigating school grounds and tracking game objects in 3d.


Track each child’s subject mastery with reports from in-game progress and development areas.

Our Story

Brain Voyagers Augmented Reality (AR) Math Space Adventure teaches Math while promoting physical activity, coordination, focus and spatial awareness. Brain Voyagers is an engaging AR value-add mobile game that inspires STEM learning while teaching to the whole child, which makes for a multi-dimensional learning experience.

Our Pokémon GO style game is designed to engage elementary school aged students into a lifelong passion for learning. We believe children learn better through fun games that make them move their body. Brain Voyagers AR is the perfect game for children to gain confidence as they master common core math concepts. It’s the most fun a child can have while learning!

Brain Voyagers AR Mobile will run on an iPhone or iPad. Android coming soon.

We also have Brain Voyagers AI (Artificial Intelligence) Voice. Our AI game is designed to inspire and teach STEM subjects to elementary students. Brain Voyagers helps students gain academic confidence as they master common core concepts. In addition to math practice, it promotes reading, listening, focus and social interaction. We believe a child learns better through fun games that make them apply themselves.

Brain Voyagers AI Voice operates on Google Assistant.

Brain Voyagers AR and AI game engages elementary students with math and multidimensional activities for great personalized learning and fun.
Howard Block, PhD Education

How to Install

There are two different ways to play Brain Voyagers Math Adventures.
We have both AR and Voice versions to make this exciting learning tool available for as many schools and families as possible.

Mobile AR

How to Set Up AR Mobile

From your iOS mobile device download the free app at:


After Download:

  • Tap Brain Voyagers Icon
  • Complete screen data-entry directions
  • Turn volume on
  • Tap screen to begin (wait approx. 30 seconds while game maps your location)
  • Listen to the How To play and engage
  • Suggested use 20 minutes three times/week

Game control:

  • Motion Tracking: Lock laser onto a Nanobot for 5 seconds.
  • Math Practice:  Out of rockets? Answer math questions correctly to earn more!
  • Spatial Awareness: Move to next AR location after defeating Nanobots.
  • Auditory Development: Listen to instructions and secret messages for game engagement.

Thank you for playing Brain Voyagers. The future depends on us!

AR Mobile Device List

Brain Voyagers AR is made possible because of the release of ARKit from Apple Inc. Here’s the list of compatible hardware:

  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPad Pro (9.7, 10.5 or 12.9) – both first-gen and 2nd-gen
  • iPad (2017/8)
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • iPhone X

Coming Soon to Android

Tips & Tricks

Ensure you have 20 meters of clear space in front of you when first starting.

Hit ‘Start’ button as soon as it appears to engage.

Hold device upright and play game in portrait or landscape mode.

Look up, look down, look all around to find Nanobots.

Place your hand ‘behind’ a Math question if it is difficult to view.

Lanyards for iPad Use

iPad protective case options for purchase:

Laynyard 1

Lanyard 2

Lanyard 3



Play Brain Voyagers with your kids at local parks. See if your park is enabled for the game. If you don’t see your park, send us an email and we’ll add it!

AI Voice

How to Set Up AI Voice

You can use Google Assistant to enable Brain Voyagers as a voice-only learning game.

For Google Home:

Already Installed

Say “Talk to Brain Voyagers”

For iOS 9.0+ iPhones:


Install Google Assistant App > Tap the Mic > Say “Talk to Brian Voyagers”

For Android 6.0+ phones:


Install Google Assistant App > Tap the Mic > Say “Talk to Brian Voyagers”

Coming soon for Chromebook:



AI Voice Device List
  • Google Home
  • Android 6 +
  • iOS 9 +
  • Coming soon for Chromebook


Tips & Tricks

Speak clearly.

To start ask Google Assistant “talk to Brain Voyagers” or “talk with Brain Voyagers

Ask “repeat the question” when needed.

Read along with math question for greater comprehension.

Subscription Plans

Family Plan

  • 2 AR Levels
  • Unlimited Subject Practice
  • Free Version Upgrades

Ignite Plan

$Pilot/1st and 2nd Grades
  • 28 AR Levels
  • Unlimited Subject Practice
  • Unlimited Student Profiles
  • Free Version Upgrades

Pioneer Plan

$Call for Pricing
  • 28 AR Levels
  • Unlimited Subject Practice
  • Unlimited Student Profiles
  • Student Assessment Reporting
  • Custom Location Mapping
  • Implementation Consulting
  • Free Version Upgrades


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