Virtual Reality Games for Kids

Merging Fun, Learning, and Exploration


Comprehensive Learning Platform

Game Modes

Brain Voyagers features multiple game modes to maintain player interest and reduce content fatigue.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality creates an immersive, engaging environment. Brain Voyagers is compatible with existing headsets already on the market.

Versatile Content

Currently featuring first-grade math, several expansion packs for other curricula are slated for future release.

Parent Reports

Track your child's progress with thorough reports on in-game progress and problem areas.

Watch Video

Learn more about Brain Voyagers in this quick trailer.

Learning Elements

Proven Processes for Different Learning Styles

Common Core

Kids gain additional exposure working with curriculum taught in their school.

Multi-Dimensional Learning

Several learning methods are employed so that kids with different learning styles all benefit.

Spatial Awareness

VR-based games are interacted with in a 3D environment, enhancing user engagement and stimulation.

Attention + Focus

Mixed presentation styles result in a fun mix that keeps the game fresh and interesting.

Motion Target Movement

Users interact with the game by tilting their head, ensuring that actions are deliberate.

Cognitive Associations

Brain Voyagers can adaptively identify problem areas and focus on problematic content.

In the abstract as well as the applied, modern education is poised to take advantage of [virtual reality].

Tech Crunch

[Virtual reality] allows for students to see the inspirations behind the literature or works of art they are studying, which will be invaluable to engaging this generation.

Dr. Bryan Carter

University of Arizona

There’s a lot of potential for virtual reality in the education industry… Classrooms are broken. Kids don’t learn the best by reading books.

Palmer Luckey

Founder of Oculus VR

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